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Pumpkindeals.com (we believe) does the following:

  1. Saves Money: We go through various websites and market places and try to pick up best possible (as per our understanding) deals, discounts and coupons for the users of this website and try to present them in an easy non complicated way.
  2. Saves time: There are so many online deals, discounts, coupons and marketplaces that it is very time consuming for users to find good deals on the vast labyrinth of World Wide Web (internet). We believe that we save a lot of time for the users of the website by going through various sites and try to pick and choose the best possible deals (as per our understanding) and present those deals in a less complicated way so that user can make a decision whether to avail the deal or not.

In short we try to simplify the shopping decisions for the users of this website.

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